Technology centre

Process development and adaptation require the practical reconstruction of the processes in bulk material processing. In the technical center of Merz Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH processes are simulated in production scale.

  • Small Tests / General Tests
    Product-specific behavior in the test, different parameters.
  • Performance Tests / Confirmatory Tests
    By pilot-scale tests, parameters for the design such as e.g. specific throughput, current consumption, optimum rotational speeds, oscillation behavior, etc. are practically determined. The parameters determined in the pretests are confirmed or corrected..
  • Contract Processing
    Introduction of new products to the market, reproduction of processes of large quantities e.g. melting processes or mass behavior during processes, require contract processing in the technical center.
  • On-site Test
    IInfluences such as temperatures, dampness, humidity, process-related changes of the products or process changes can’t be carried out in the pilot plant or can only be carried out to a very limited extent. Leased production machines are integrated directly into the existing process at the customer – like this an analog design is possible.


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