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Customer satisfaction is the central theme at merz:

“You as the customer must always be happy with our machines, systems and services

to be able to achieve true added value for your business.”

To ensure this, we offer you a wide range of service concepts as listed below:

On-site repairs / maintenance – worldwide

Larger machines and systems are difficult to transport. In these cases, it’s easier if our service engineers come to you. We can then inspect the machines on-site at your premises. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll then provide you with a quote for any necessary work / expense (e.g. spare parts, service engineer labour). If you like, our service engineers can even perform the repairs for you once you have received the spare parts. We recommend using our service engineers for extensive or complicated repairs.

In-house repairs / maintenance

Smaller machines / systems or machine components / modules can be sent to us for inspection. Once we’ve received the machines / parts, we’ll put together a quote for the necessary work / expense (e.g. spare parts, labour costs). Our expert engineers will then perform the repairs for you. Once your equipment is back in working order, we’ll send it right back to you as quickly as possible.

Process development / system planning

When it comes to development, we work closely with you throughout the entire project to design the optimum production process for the material you want to process.

Following your request, we generally perform initial tests with your material on the machines in our technology centre. We then create the first drafts with 3D process maps and flow charts, taking into account your requirements for throughput capacity, climate conditions, space restrictions (e.g. construction height), occupational health and safety regulations and much more.

We then use these drafts and work together with your specialists to refine our planning even further, right up to creation of drawings for approval. Our aim is simple: to deliver perfectly tailored machines and systems to fit your individual needs.

Preventative maintenance / service contracts

We want to ensure that you stay constantly productive when using our machines and systems. To do this, we offer extensive support with servicing intervals fine-tuned to your needs.

Spare parts

Thanks to an extremely high production depth and a well-maintained archive, we are able to provide any spare parts for all previously produced machines and systems ourselves. And, if a particular special component is no longer available, we can always offer alternatives.

Commissioning / commissioning monitoring

Once mechanical and electrical installation is complete, we commission your new machines/systems in three customary, successive steps:

  •  Commissioning without product – functionality of control technology
  •  Commissioning with product (start-up) – setting of parameters in line with the tests in the technology centre
  •  Commissioning with product (continuous operation) – performance test and recorded handover to you

To make life easier for yourself, we recommend having your machines / systems commissioned on-site by our service engineers. Alternatively, we offer a commissioning monitoring service. Our service engineers will guide your employees through the commissioning on-site or remotely.

Installation / installation monitoring

If requested, our service engineers will install the machines / systems directly on-site or will supervise the installation by your employees. We recommend using our service engineers for more extensive or larger machines / systems.

Contract processing

For tests, product development or other smaller needs we are happy to offer contract processing in our technology centre for the materials you will be working with. We process quantities from just a few kilos to up to several tons.

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